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7 Days of Teacher Treats for End of Year Gifts - #2 Post It Note Holder

Post It Notes.... who doesn't love Post It Notes! Just they fact you can stick them on paper and pull it off without a problem is fantastic - kiddies know and love this superb invention which is probably why they disappear off of the desk so fast!!

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7 Days of Teacher Treats for End of Year Gifts - #1 Pump Box

Thanks for joining me on a week of Teacher Treats :)  Today's project is a cute little Pump Box (what is she talking about I hear you say!) so named by one of my darling boys as it contains a Purell Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottle ! ! !

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7 Days of Teacher Treats for End of Year Gifts

As promised, this week I'm going to be showing you a selection of treats that you can make to gift to Teachers and Teaching Assistants/Support Staff whether they be male or female for the end of the school year.  Every day, there will be a tutorial for each item and as always, a kit will be available for you to buy all the bits and bobs you need to make up this wonderful set to give to your child's teachers.

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Pootles Blog Hop - Lunch Box Love Notes

Last week there were some fabulous projects in the Pinkies Blog Hop..... this week there are more fabulous projects in the Pootles Blog Hop! I really am such a lucky girl to be able to take part in these hops and really hope you enjoy it as much as me :) So, without further delay, here is my project for the Pootles Blog Hop showcasing the utterly fabulous Schoolhouse Designer Series Paper and Cherry on Top Designer Series Paper. If you have children, or know any children, these papers are a must for you. Pair them with the Words of Truth Stamp Set and you have two awesome combinations!

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Blog Hop Tomorrow and Coming Up Next Week....

I've been a bit quiet on my blog this week as I've been super busy getting some commissioned cards finished off, all will be back to normal tomorrow though starting at 7am with another blog hop this time with the Pootlers and guaranteed to be brilliant!

This will then be followed with a week of end of term Teacher themed goodies..... now I don't know about you but when I was at school we had one teacher per class and that was it.  I can hardly remember any of my teachers (I feel awful admitting that!); I'm sure they were great teachers but when one person has to nurture, teach, care for and watch over 30 odd children it's hard to make a big impact.  These days, my children have a teacher and at lease one teaching assistant in the classroom...... in fact, in my autistic son's class there are two teaching assistants as he has his own dedicated teaching assistant - each and every one of them being super special and wonderful people.  What better than to give each of them gifts and cards at the end of term to make sure they know how much they are cherished.

So, starting on Sunday I'll be showing you a little project each day that you can use to show your children's teachers and teaching assistants how much you appreciate them.  And of course, in true Crafty Spark fashion, there will be a kit available for you to purchase to make your own gifts at home.

I love to hear what you think of my projects so please feel free to leave me a message in the comments section below.

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Pinkies Blog Hop - 2015 Annual Catalogue

Thank you for joining us on another Pinkies Blog Hop!  We're showcasing lots of gorgeous projects using products from the new Stampin' Up! Annual Catalogue.  Simply use the buttons at the end of each post to keep hopping!

There were a couple of products (well loads actually but we won't go into that now!) I'd spotted in the new Stampin' Up! Annual Catalogue that immediately had me thinking up ways in which I could use them, so today I'm sharing a couple of them with you.  Isn't it amazing how, with a few items, you can create beautiful things!  That's one of the brilliant things about Stampin' Up! ....... everything coordinates so easily and I just LOVE easy hehe :)

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WOW Spotlight on the fabulous new Tin of Cards Project Kit

If there's anything you want to be taking a closer look at in the new Annual Catalogue it's the gorgeous new Tin of Cards Project Kit..... isn't it just the best thing ever!!!

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Wedding Anniversary Card-In-A-Box

If you've been following my blog you'll probably remember seeing a rather large Card-In-A-Box that I made for my in-laws Golden Wedding Anniversary.  After seeing it, I had a call asking if I could make a smaller one...... what a question!!! Of course I could make a smaller one :)  I love making these cards so I'm going to share this one with you too :)

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The new catalogue is out and there's loads you want to order but as always in life, funding holds you back.  Well, I'm placing an order myself this Friday so if there are a small number of things you'd like to get, EMAIL me or send me a message via my blog (over to the right) and I'll add your items to my order.

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Fathers Day - Is Your Dad A STAR

My Dad is most definitely a star and I love him to bits. Unfortunately due to divorce, I didn't see him for 26 years. Then, thanks to Facebook I tracked him down........... that day ranked very close to the top of my Best Days Ever list (sorry Dad but having my children beat you - you're still on a par with getting married to the love of my life though......... goodness I'm waffling aren't I!).  So with my Dad in mind, I decided to do a Card-In-A-Box Card Kit for all the dad's out there that are stars :)

Now if you have the supplies you can make this yourself by following the Crafty Recipe below, or if not, you can buy the kit and assemble it yourself as all the lettering and die cutting will already be done for you :)

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Exploding Box BMX Card

3D cards - aren't they fun :) and what can be more fun than a 3D exploding box card!  You get given a box and you've no idea what's inside until you take off the lid, the sides fall open and...... VIOLA the surprise is revealed! You've got to admit, that's fun hahaha.

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Painted Bloom Card-in-a-Box No. 2

While I'm sitting at home twiddling my fingers waiting for my lovely new items to arrive I had a hunt through my stack of Designer Series Paper and found some lovely Painted Blooms :)  Oh happy days :)  So. what do you do with lovely Painted Blooms?  You make a card-in-a-box of course!

And...... even better still....... it's available to buy as a Card Kit.  Just click the page above and you'll be taken right there :)

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It's here, it's officially arrived THE NEW ANNUAL CATALOGUE HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED!  And to add to the excitement...... you can now purchase mini packs of all the gorgeous new Designer Series Paper and/or Coordinating Cardstock Mini Packs through me :)

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1 Day....... OMG this is getting exciting!

Nearly there, only 1 more day to go and it's launch day!  This anticipation is killing me..... I'm not the only one suffering either I know hahaha.

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