CARD-IN-A-BOX WEEK - Minecraft!

Minecraft - that sandbox game my boys play!  OMG how they love it and are totally obsessed with it especially my middle son.  It had to be a Minecraft card-in-a-box then really for his birthday didn't it!

Not a great deal to say about this card (as I know diddlysquat about Minecraft!) except ENJOY!


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Lea xx


  1. Stinkin' Cute! My 17 yr. old Grand-daughter would love this! Her 18th Birthday is in August, I am making this one for her! She and her friends still play this game.

  2. Hahaha brilliant Cheryl, you're never too old to have fun :) Enjoy your crafting x

  3. Anonymous23 May, 2015

    Oh wow!!! I had to pop by and comment as I knew nothing about Minecraft until FRIDAY!!!!!! I had heard of the game but, shush, dont tell, I think I love it!!! I was sat watching my son play, now we are building all sorts!! DONT GO WATCH THEM!!!! thats the only advice I can give LOL Love the card, super-great. Hugs Lori xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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