7 Days of Teacher Treats for End of Year Gifts - Bonus Item... The Golden Star Award

Bonus time....

Did you miss me yesterday??  Sorry about that - we had some fab news in our house and I must admit, I got a bit carried away with it all...... my wonderful eldest Son received his International Baccalaureate results and has had his university place confirmed so I was a bit busy doing my proud mummy thing :)

Back to today now though!  I'm going to show you how to make a rosette today.... you can use these for all sorts of occasions but this one is The Golden Star Award for the #1 teacher :)

Crafty Spark Recipe Time...

1 piece of Cucumber Crush cardstock that measures 4" x 11 5/8" (or A4 length)
2 pieces of Cucumber Crush cardstock measuring 1 1/2" x 8 1/4"
2 pieces of decorative paper or cardstock (bit more on that below!)
1 1/2" punched circles - 2 of those
2 1/2" punched circle in Cucumber Crust
2 1/2" punched circle in Schoolhouse Designer Series Paper as that's the one I'm using today
Broach pin or safety pin
Approx 24" ribbon
Approx 3" Gold Foil star
Die cut number 1 and ' # ' symbol

To Do.....

1.  With the long edge of your cardstock at the top, score the card every 1/2" and then
cut it into 2 x 2" strips.  Glue them together to form one long leng

2.  Stick on any decoration you want to use along one edge using double sided sticky tape

3.  Concertina fold your strip of cardstock

4.  Join it together to form a cylinder

5.  Push down on the middle of your cylinder to make it flat

6.  Using a good sized dollop of glue, stick one of the 1 1/2" circles to the centre.
Wait for it to dry a bit (I just put a heave glass on it and find something else
to do at this point - sitting around waiting for glue to dry just doesn't do it for me!)
When one side is fairly dry, glue the other circle to the other side - these two circles
will hold your rosette flat and stop it unravelling

7.  Make your tails by sticking one strip onto the other and then stick them
to the back of the rosette

8.  Tails stuck to the back (obviously!)

9.  Push your pin through the back of your Cucumber Crush 2 1/2" circle and then stick it to the back of your rosette
10.  Show your youngest son your hard work and then silently cry whilst you re-do it because the one you did originally was too '"girly" and you forgot that he's told you this already and why are you like Dory from Finding Nemo and can't remember anything!  Good job I love him so very much isn't it hahahaha

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